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Qingdao SANNY FUTURE welcomes guests from India


On January 10, 2021, in Qingdao, we welcomed two Indian customers from afar. General Manager Mr. Gao and other colleagues accompanied them to visit and explain. The main purpose of the two Indian friends' trip was to investigate whether the roll paper production equipment meets the requirements.

After the visit, have discussions and exchanges. Mr. Gao expressed his warm welcome for the visits and exchanges of the guests, and he hoped that both parties would give full play to their respective strengths and cooperate closely to push the cooperation to a higher level. The Indian customer communicated with us and placed an order on the spot.
Through in-depth exchanges, SANNY FUTURE will increase mutual understanding with its customers, enhance friendship, and reach a consensus on further strengthening cooperation. Have friends come from afar. SANNY FUTURE warmly welcomes more customers to visit and exchange!

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